Randi Kelley (Owner)

Randi has been in the cheer world for over 30 years. She started off cheering when she was five. She cheered on rec teams, all-star teams, and her high school cheer team. Once she was finished with high school, she began her coaching career at a local all-star program. After moving gyms, Randi started coaching at Fierce Athletics in Rancho Cucamonga, California for 12 years. While she was coaching at Fierce, she finished college, started her teaching career, got married and started a family. When her family moved to Idaho, she quickly realized how much she missed her Fierce family. After much discussion with Shelby Magelsen, the owner of Fierce Athletics in Southern California, Randi, and her husband Sean, decided it was time to open their own gym here in Idaho. Randi is excited to bring her experience, expertise, love for children and the flashy Fierce vibe to Idaho.

Austin Lisonbee (Gym Director)

Austin been coaching cheer and tumbling for eight years and has had the opportunity to not only cheer as an athlete, but also assist coaching at some of the top programs in the country. Learning from those experiences has helped shape who he is as a coach and has helped him assist teams that have gone on to win national championships and bids to the summit and world championships.

After a small break from the all-star side of cheer, Austin opened a small business teaching tumbling and stunt technique to local high school programs in the valley. He loves that it gives him an opportunity to share his knowledge and help progress the sport he is most passionate about in his community! One of Austin’s favorite parts of coaching is helping athletes realize their potential and achieve their goals.

His knowledge as a coach, business owner and mentee from some of the best in the industry, gives him experience and insight on how to run a successful program.  Austin is so excited to be back in the all-star cheer world, and he is beyond grateful to be a part of the Fierce legacy!

Allie Howell (All-Star Director)

Allie Howell has been coaching cheerleading in the state of Idaho since she was 14. She has an extensive background in all-star cheerleading, high school cheerleading, technical stunting and tumbling, and running a program. She has been coaching in the cheerleading industry for 10 years and directing a program for 5 of those ten years. During her previous coaching experiences, she has led many all-star teams to national championships and the Summit.

After Allie graduated from Boise State University, she found herself at Middleton High School as a science teacher and the head varsity cheer coach and program director. During her time at Middleton High School, she led her teams to qualify for all state events each year, as well as led them to their first ever state placement.

Allie is so excited to be back in the all-star cheer world, and she is looking forward to bringing another strong program to the state of Idaho. Allie’s experience as an athlete, coach, program director, and educator gives her the passion and professionalism to help build a successful program.

Isaiah Earley (Tumbling Director)

Bio Coming Soon!

Tawny Garcia-Grant (Office Manager)

Tawny loves working in industries with a strong community and an attention to detail. Before she joined the Fierce Family she spent 8 years teaching middle school and high school and 6 years as a personal assistant. She came to Fierce Idaho first as a mom in the Mommy and Me class, and now can be seen at Fierce most days with her two daughters who are FIERCEly devoted to the sport. Tawny loves being a part of the Fierce Family, and it always available to help our new and seasoned families. 

Delaney Vail (Front Desk)

Delaney is originally from Brentwood, CA. She has experience as an athlete in youth, all-star, and high school cheer. She also coached at the high school level until she moved to Idaho in 2020. Delany loves spending time with her husband and children. Her daughter is on a team for her first season, so you will see Delaney around the gym often! She is excited to be back in the cheer world, helping new and familiar faces at Fierce Idaho.  

Cathy Fong (Front Desk)

Cathy is one of the friendly faces behind the front desk at Fierce Idaho, bringing with her a wealth of experience in the administrative side of the All-Star cheer world since 2015. Her deep connection to the cheer community is not just professional, it is personal, with two of her five children actively cheering on premier teams at Fierce Idaho. 

Before her role at the front desk, Cathy spent four years coaching high school cheer at Melba High School, where her dedication and passion for the sport shone brightly. Her warm demeanor and extensive background in cheerleading make her an invaluable part of the Fierce Idaho family, where she continues to contribute to the cheer community with enthusiasm and expertise.



Ellie Drake (Coach)

Ellie brings a diverse background to her role as a coach at Fierce Idaho, where she leads Snow Cats, Miss Purr and Tabby Cats. Alongside her coaching responsibilities, Ellie works as a bank teller at Wells Fargo, balancing her professional career with her passion for cheer. Her coaching journey began in high school cheerleading, where she coached for three years at Middleton High School and Mountain View High School. 

Ellie’s decision to join the all-star cheer world at Fierce Idaho was driven by the supportive environment and the opportunity to work alongside dedicated athletes, helpful coaches, and inspiring directors. For Ellie, coaching is more than just teaching skills. It is about fostering a positive environment where young athletes can grow, succeed, and develop a love for the sport. She finds joy in encouraging her athletes and sharing her passion for cheerleading, while creating a meaningful impact on their athletic journey and personal growth. 

Daisee Posavek (Coach)

Daisee brings her passion for cheerleading and coaching to Fierce Idaho where she serves as the coach for Snow Cats and Sabers. With several years of coaching experience under her belt, Daisee was drawn to Fierce Idaho, not only for its reputation, but also for her admiration of owner, Randi, whom she was once coached by herself. 

Her coaching philosophy centers around building strong bonds with her stunts and witnessing their growth and progress in the sport. Daisee finds immense joy in nurturing their skills and seeing them develop into confident athletes. 

At Fierce Idaho, Daisee continues to make a positive impact, instilling love for cheer and a sense of camaraderie among her teams, ensuring each athlete feels valued and supported throughout their journey in the sport. 

Darcy Gilfoy (Coach)

Darcy brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role as a coach for Leopards and Pumas. As a former Boise State cheerleader and Captain, Darcy as dedicated over 8 years to coaching at various gyms before joining Fierce Idaho. Coaching is not just a job for Darcy, it is a genuine passion that she eagerly anticipates each day. She thrives on building connections with her athletes, understanding their backgrounds, and being a significant part of their personal journeys. 

For Darcy, coaching goes beyond teaching skills, it is about fostering growth, confidence, and lifelong lessons through the sport of cheerleading. Her enthusiasm and commitment to her athletes make her a valued member of the Fierce Idaho Family, where she continues to inspire and empower young athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the mat. 

Anthony Carrillo (Coach)

Anthony brings over five years of coaching experience to Fierce Idaho, where he currently coaches Miss Purr and Pumas. Beyond team coaching, Anthony enriches the athletes by teaching flight and jump classes. Outside of regular practice hours, he offers elite stunt group and tumbling private lessons. 

His coaching journey began in Las Vegas, where he coached high school teams and instructed tumbling levels 1-3 and Flight classes. Now, in his sixth year of coaching, Anthony was drawn to Fierce Idaho by the promise of new and exciting opportunities for athletes, families, and coaches alike in Idaho. He values the programs supportive atmosphere and the sense of family fostered among staff and athletes. 

Anthony finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the growth of his teams and the bonds that cheerleading creates. He cherishes the rewarding process of guiding athletes as they take ownership of their performances. 

Brenna Eyton (Coach)

Brenna brings a wealth of cheerleading experience to her role as a coach at Fierce Idaho, where she currently coaching Leopards, Tabby Cats, and Itty Bitty Kitties, and specializes in Flyers strength and body positions. Despite this being her first job, Brenna’s cheer journey spans nine year, and this is her second year dedicated to coaching. 

Her time as a cheerleader taught Brenna invaluable lessons in teamwork and perseverance, qualities she strives to instill in her athletes. Brenna was drawn to Fierce Idaho for its supportive and caring staff, all united in their commitment to achieving common goals. What Brenna finds most rewarding about coaching is witnessing the growth of her athletes throughout the season. She delights in nurturing their passion for cheer and guiding them as they learn the importance of collaboration and hard work. 

Teigan Bird (Coach)

Bio Coming Soon!

Adam Franke (Coach)

Adam brings a unique blend of experience and passion to Fierce Idaho, where he serves as a coach for Sabers and tumbling classes. With a background as a gymnastics coach as office assistant, Adam’s transition to coaching cheer was a natural evolution fueled by desire to share his love for the sport with others. 

Having seen the supportive community at Fierce Idaho and feeling drawn to the inclusive atmosphere, Adam was inspired to join the Fierce Family. His coaching philosophy revolves around spreading enthusiasm for cheer and empowering athletes who share his passion to achieve their goals. For Adam, coaching is not just about teaching skills, it is about nurturing a love for cheer and fostering an environment where athletes can thrive.